Posted by: ADOW | July 26, 2010

FTT – 23 July 2010

Another huge turnout this weekend for the infamous ADOW FTT! Five paddlers in all. Not bad for a hot summer morning.

The Captain called for a short course, to the white marker and back, to avoid the previous weeks disaster, when most paddlers exploded half way through the course. Wise decision it turned out as it was indeed yet another hot and humid AD summer morning.

Neill started with a bang and sprinted his way to the front until the exit of the harbor when he started slow down. The Captain took matters in his own hand with David sitting on his wash. Past the break water, David took a short-lived lead as Steve managed to catch an amazing wave that took him 50m to the front. At the turn, Steve still held his lead and looked like he would carry it to the finish. David was second 75m behind with Neill a close third, Mark fourth and Alan in fifth position. The heat started to hurt everybody and Steve was slowly reeled back. At the breakwater it was still Steve in the front with David on his back wash. Neill was suffering from the chop and lost a bit of ground. Mark was still fourth but closing the gap. Steve exploded with fashion at the entrance of the harbor and gifted an undeserved win to the flying Frenchman. Neill, Mark and Alan held their positions to the finish.

Great fun for everybody involved. We’ll hopefully get more numbers as the weather gets a little better.



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